Comprehensive Neuropsychiatric Services, LLC. provides independent and thorough evaluations, as well as detailed documented reports and testimony to assist in legal determination of civil forensic psychiatric cases. We render expert opinions regarding claims of neuropsychiatric damages from physical and psychological injury. We offer comprehensive case-file review, psychological testing and examination services to assist in administrative and legal determinations.

We are available to the Wisconsin and northern Illinois legal, insurance, governmental and business communities. We welcome the opportunity to provide case consultation and evaluation for both plaintiff and defense attorneys. 

File Review and Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs)
    · Personal Injury
    · Worker's Compensation
    · Malpractice
    · Fitness for Duty (FFD) /Return to Work (RTW)
    · Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
    · Workplace Harassment
    · Testamentary Capacity

Evaluations are conducted in 2 sessions:

Psychological Testing Session (3-5 Hours)
Examinees should bring reading glasses if required. If there are clinical or other documents that examinees feel Dr. Zigun should review in conducting an assessment – they should be brought to this first session. Similarly, any contact information about treating doctors or others should be brought at this time.

Interview Session (2-4 Hours)
We prefer to schedule the interview session for 2 weeks after the psychological testing session. One hour is used to obtain a general psychiatry history. The rest of the time is allotted to allow Dr. Zigun to learn about the specifics of the legal or administrative issues at hand.

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