Doctor Zigun does "Not Take" Insurance

Appointments are "Pre-Paid"

Dr. Zigun does NOT participate in any insurance networks.
Patients are asked to pay using Zelle cash or check prior to the appointment.  
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Dr. Zigun will provide an invoice which patients may use to submit to their insurers for direct reimbursement to themselves. Patients are responsible for determining to what, if any extent, their insurance plans will reimburse for any of Dr. Zigun's services.  
Medicare Beneficiaries:   Dr. Zigun has opted out of Medicare.
If you wish to receive care from Dr Zigun and pay "out of pocket"- you will need to sign a "private contract" which among other things indicates that your are not able to apply for reimbursement for Dr. Zigun's fees to Medicare or any Medicare Programs.  
Patients are asked to pay by cash or check at the time of service. 

Missed Appointment Policy

It is our policy to charge the applicable fee for the appointment type for missed appointments or cancellations with less than 24 hours unless there is a health, family, weather or similar emergency that prevents a patient from giving notice.

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