Practice Philosophy 

I see my work with patients in the form of an initial and then ongoing consultation. We work together at understanding what the "problems" are and what are appropriate goals for treatment. 

I believe that good psychiatric care begins with a comprehensive evaluation. I first want to know the concerns that bring you to consultation. If you have been in treatment before, we can identify things that are more likely to be helpful at this time. 

I need to learn about where you are "coming from" including your current and past family situation, as well as educational and work history. I am interested in knowing your strengths, not just your challenges or limitations. 

Your medical history is important in determining if there are biological causes of your symptoms and if there is a need to tailor medication options related to any medical conditions. 

Good psychiatric care is usually not "either-or" in terms of medication and psychotherapy - but rather both. I will work with you or help you identify a psychotherapist if we agree this is appropriate. 

     Avoiding "The Med Check Racket" 

NY Times Comments on Psychiatric Practice Changes

I believe my practice is also guided by the perspective of the famous psychiatrist Harry Stack Sullivan:
"We are all much more simply human than otherwise....."

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