Second Opinion Program

Even in the best of treatments, there can be periods in which progress is stalled
or there appears to be an impasse. 

Early in treatment, this may relate to an as yet unidentified diagnosis or clinical factor. 
In some cases, there are so many factors - psychological, medical, medication and environmental that they are difficult to integrate into a coordinated treatment plan. 

A second opinion is meant to assist:  Patients, family and/or a current provider.

It is not meant to promote:  Criticism, finger pointing or blaming.

Dr. Zigun will:  
1)Review records
2)Interview the patient and perhaps others
3) Recommend further evaluations and/or new treatment options. 

If agreeable to a consulting patient, Dr. Zigun will share these recommendations with the treating physician and/or therapist.  

This program is not designed for ongoing treatment by Dr. Zigun, but rather to provide a "second pair of eyes" for an additional perspective for an existing treatment. 

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